Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tandoori Chicken with Fragrant Basmati Rice

This is a fairly low fat dish.  If you use breast of chicken it would be very low fat but chicken thigh is such a tasty cut.
The yoghurt for the marinade is fat free and I used a ready made Tandoori spice mix.
Ideally, marinate overnight to allow the flavour to develop or, if you are making it to consume the same day, no less than 1 hour.


1 kg boneless,skinless chicken thighs
1 litre natural yoghurt
Juice of 1/2 lemon
salt and pepper
1 heaped dessert spoon Tandoori spice mix
1 bunch fresh coriander chopped (save a few leaves for decoration)

Mix all the marinade ingredients in a large bowl.  Add the chicken thighs and mix together, cover with cling film and leave to marinate.

Pre-heat the oven to 200C

Lay the marinated chicken on a baking tray and cook for 30 minutes.

Serve with Fragrant Basmati Rice and salad

Fragrant Basmati Rice

Cook the rice according to pack instructions with the addition of 3 cloves, 1 stick cinnamon, 6 green cardamom pods and 1 star anise.  Drain and remove the spices.

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